What is Network Topology? Learn Definition and Types

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The time period network topology normally seems when you’re coping with computer networks, whether or not they’re wired or wi-fi networks. The place network topology is outlined as a way that connects a computer to a different computer.

Network topologies are additionally divided into a number of types, every of which has advantages and disadvantages.

To grasp additional, beneath is a assessment of the which means and numerous forms of community topology, full with their benefits and downsides.

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What is Network Topology?

What is Network Topology?
What Is Network Topology? – WhatsUp Gold

Basically, network topologies are numerous node, devices and network connections which can be interconnected with one another in a logical and orderly method. The place to attach numerous nodes, devices and network connections, this may be achieved with cables or with out cables (wi-fi).

As an illustration, a network is a metropolis. In the meantime, topology is a street map that regulates how the town is fashioned and linked.

From this, it may be seen that the primary operate and goal of utilizing topology is to allow customers to alternate data and sources.

Types of Network Topology

Types of Network Topology
What is Network Topology? Definition and FAQs | HEAVY.AI

Simply as there are lots of methods to prepare and preserve a city, connecting a community utilizing a topological strategy can be divided into a number of sorts. There are at the least two topological approaches, particularly bodily and logical.

1. Physical Topology

Physical topology is the physical type of the cable structure that’s clearly seen and never summary. It refers to physical connections, interconnections between nodes, cable networks, and so forth. This topology strategy determines how devices are linked with or with out cables.

Physical topology itself can be divided into two sorts, particularly point-to-point-connection and multipoint-connection.

  • Point-to-Point-Connection

Inside Point-to-point-connection, the connection between two devices happens by way of a single wi-fi cable (wi-fi).

  • Multipoint-Connection

Multipoint-connection refers to a number of devices concerned within the connection multipoint on some devices which have distinctive particular numbers to determine one another.

2. Logical Topology

Logical network topologies are typically extra summary and strategic, drawing on a conceptual understanding of how the network is organized and the way information strikes by way of it. General, there are 8 types of logical topology, particularly topology bus, ring, mesh, star, tree, peer to peer, linear, and hybrid.

  • Bus Topology
Bus Topology
Bus topology – GATE CSE Notes

Topology Bus is a topology that’s recognized to be easy and simple to make use of in comparison with different types of topology. This topology connects all gadgets utilizing a single cable referred to as a cable spine.

Every node connected to the cable spine, both by way of connection cable or instantly. This cable will later transmit the network to different gadgets.

One other benefit of utilizing topology bus lies in low-cost set up prices, minimal failures, and enough data speeds.

In the meantime, the shortcomings lie within the frequent incidence of information circulate collisions, the method of sending and receiving data is much less environment friendly, and is troublesome to develop.

  • Ring Topology
Ring Topology
Ring topology – Snom Service Hub – Snom Service Hub

Topology Ring connecting computers using a network that’s round like a hoop. Usually, this sort of topology makes use of LAN playing cards to attach to one another.

Identical as topology bus, topology set up prices ring additionally comparatively low-cost. The connection efficiency on this topology can be fairly good, together with the set up, configuration and implementation processes which can be simple to hold out.

Disadvantages of a topology ring lies within the fairly excessive likelihood of information circulate collisions. When an issue happens,troubleshooting The network is kind of difficult. Likewise, when one of many connections has an issue, the connection to the network can be misplaced.

  • Mesh Topology
Mesh Topology
A Guide to Mesh Topology. Definition, Practices, and Importance …

Topology Mesh can be utilized for a lot of routes. This topology network makes use of a single cable in order that the method of sending information is quicker with out going by way of a hub or swap.

The benefit of this topology is that the bandwidth restrict is fairly large,security data is excellent, and there’s no likelihood of data collisions occurring.

In the meantime, the disadvantages of this topology are the big variety of cables, very costly set up prices, and a sophisticated set up course of.

  • Star Topology
Star Topology
Star Topology | Unique Features To Use Star Topology

Because the title suggests, topology star star-shaped, which is mostly used hub or swap for interconnection clients. This topology can be probably the most continuously used as a result of it has the benefit of a reasonably good stage of safety and comfort for customers in detecting issues on the network. This network topology can nonetheless run properly, even when one computer client is in hassle.

Nonetheless, this topology is dear and depends closely on the central terminal. Second Hub or swap For those who expertise an issue, all computers on the network will even have issues.

  • Tree Topology
Tree Topology
Difference between Ring Topology and Tree Topology – GeeksforGeeks

Topology Tree or tree topology is the results of combining topologies bus and topology stars. Usually, this topology is used for interconnection between hierarchies with completely different facilities.

Topology Tree can and is well developed right into a wider network topology. This hierarchically centralized topology association additionally makes data management simpler.

Nonetheless, this topology has sluggish efficiency and makes use of loads of cables. If the highest laptop has an issue, the underside computer will even have an issue.

  • Topology Peer to Peer
Topology Peer to Peer
Peer-to-peer – Wikipedia

This topology may be very easy as a result of it solely connects two computers. So normally, you solely want one cable to get numerous knowledge.

Some great benefits of this topology lie within the very cheap set up prices, the set up course of is simple, and each laptop can play a task as a server or shopper.

The disadvantages are that this topology may be very troublesome to develop, safety and processes are sometimes problematic troubleshooting which tends to be difficult.

  • Linear Topology
Linear Topology
What is a Linear Bus Topology – javatpoint

Linear topology is usually additionally known as a topology bus sequentially. This topology usually solely makes use of one foremost cable as a connector for every connection level on every computer.

Some great benefits of this topology are that it’s straightforward to develop, makes use of few cables, easy and simple structure, and doesn’t require central management.

Nonetheless, this topology has density, site visitors data is kind of excessive and information safety shouldn’t be assured.

  • Hybrid Topology
Hybrid Topology
What is Hybrid Topology?

Topology Hybrid is a mix of a number of completely different topologies that type a brand new network. In different phrases, if there are two or extra completely different topologies linked in a single network, then the community topology will type a topology hybrid.

The benefit of this topology is that it’s versatile and including connections to the topology may be very simple. Nonetheless, the set up course of is dear and the setup is kind of difficult. Management of this topology can be very troublesome to do.


That could be a assessment of the which means of network topology. As is understood, network topology is a technique for connecting two or extra computers. This methodology could be achieved in numerous methods, every of which has advantages and disadvantages.

The prices required for the topology set up course of additionally differ, relying on what kind of topology is used. Even so, the prices incurred should still be recorded intimately in your books if you’re a enterprise activist.

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